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Secure Computer Systems

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I wanted to write about this from quite sometime but I was too lazy to do it. However, I have decided that from now on I will contribute to whatever way I can, I will to the web. I am mostly interested in keeping myself aware about Information Assurance and Security and obviously I will write about that.

Everyone is talking about security of the system and how should we keep our systems secure. I asked myself “what is a secure system? Under what conditions a system can be classified as a Secure System?”.

My research tells that if an environemnt is created by adhering to guidelines laid by agencies such as NIST, etc. as well as systems are protected through regualr auditing of configurations of installed software and ‘has a strict policies and procedures against data loss, unauthorized data access, data corruption and data destruction’(business then it can be considered as a Secure System. I belive this is true for corporations and government agencies but what about computers at home?

Even after implementing all the policies and procedures can we sit in comfort and think that our systems are secure and nobody can break in? Any person with a reasonable internet exposure and security awareness will say no to this question. By being proactive we can prevent our systems from being compromised by attackers. These steps are not very hard to follow but we take it for granted for most of the times and we don’t care about it. The system tray icon for update shows that updates are ready for your computer but we just don’t want to click on that and update our computer because we are busy with social networking websites.

One can keep personal systems secure by verifying following tasks periodically:

  1. Applying software patches (including third party software) (Most Important IMHO)
  2. Applying operating system patches
  3. Installing and updating anti-virus
  4. Configuring firewalls to allow specific traffic to come in to the private network
  5. Using a secured wireless network (probably WPA2)

I think anyone implementing these measure can keep their systems updated and prevent from being compromised by attackers.